Resistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History

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Vol. 4 No. 8 (2023)
Published July 11, 2023
Issue in Progress | Dossier | Places for testimony: history and justice

| Dossier | Continuous Publication | Vol 4 · No 8 · 2023

Places for testimony: history and justice

Publication date: Continuous Publication (July-december 2023)


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August 14, 2020


Monica Alexandra Clavijo Sicha
The dematerialization of documents as a process of modernizing notarial actions and the principle of legal certainty
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Raphael Steeven Banda Tapia, Juan Carlos Álvarez Pacheco
The guilt of omissive conduct in the practice of medicine
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Diana Cristina Álvarez Yumbla, Wendy Marisol Ávila Suárez
Prohibition of donor anonymity in assisted human reproduction techniques to ensure the right to identity
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
Hamilton Jotyin Lama Tapia, Juan Carlos Pérez Ycaza
The objective duty of care under the Anesthesiologists’ Professional Practice Act and Regulations
EPUB (Español (España)) PDF (Español (España))
Carlos Valentín Sánchez Sánchez, Julio Adrián Molleturo Jiménez
Analysis of Article 146 of the COIP - Involuntary Manslaughter due to Professional Malpractice in Ecuador
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Kevin Ismael Baculima Mora, Marcelo Aquilera Crespo
Comprensive reparation from a perspective of pluralism and legal monism. Comparison of indigenous and ordinary justice
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Edwin Gabriel Díaz Loor, Juan Carlos Pérez Ycaza
Medical-legal expertise for medical malpractice. Approach to the Ecuadorian reality
PDF (Español (España)) EPUB (Español (España))
José Luis Arroyave Pico, Sergio Hernando Castillo Galvis
Criminal Medical Liability for Omission in Health Emergencies
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RESISTANCES. Journal of the Philosophy of History, appear as a journal inspired by the life of an Ecuadorian indigenous woman, Dolores Cacuango, her teachings, and struggle processes allowed great advances in the achievement of rights for farmworkers, and her popular wisdom is an example of the thought that transforms. Her phrase: "We are like the straw of paramo that starts and grows again... and of straw of paramo we will sow the world", encourages our intention to contribute to the academy with a critical journal, which covers the knowledge from different perspectives, which contributes to a historical review and with a renewed vision of the images of the world.