Resistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History

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Vol. 3 No. 5 (2022)
Published April 5, 2022
Issue in progress |Dossier | Pluriversality of the critique of modern Western thought.

Continuous Publication (January-June 2022)

Guest Editor:

Dr. José Gandarilla. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México | 


Call For papers |Dossier | Feminisms and posthumanism


January 17, 2022

Call For papers | Philosophy of Psychopathology: Perspectives on Mind, Rationality, and Agency


January 16, 2022

Permanent Call For Papers || General Section & Book Reviews


August 14, 2020
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RESISTANCES. Journal of the Philosophy of History, appear as a journal inspired by the life of an Ecuadorian indigenous woman, Dolores Cacuango, her teachings and struggle processes allowed great advances in the achievement of rights for farmworkers, her popular wisdom is an example of the thought that transforms. Her phrase: "We are like the straw of paramo that starts and grows again... and of straw of paramo we will sow the world", encourages our intention to contribute to the academy with a critical journal, which covers the knowledge from different perspectives, which contributes to a historical review and with a renewed vision of the images of the world.