Article Submission

1. Submission Preparation Checklist

  1. I have read and complied with the author's guidelines, which appear in the journal.
  2. The article has not been previously published or submitted to any other journal for consideration.
  3. The file format is Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc)
  4. I send the author/res information file with all fields filled in.
  5. In the file containing the text of the article, the names of the authors do not appear, nor does any allusion to their authors, it is an anonymous version.
  6. The article has been adapted to the APA format, seventh edition, bibliographic references in alphabetical order, three or four keywords, and an abstract maximum of 250 words.
  7. The article is written in the third person.
  8. The references have been adapted to APA 7 Edition and the articles from online journals have the DOI or URL.
  9. All illustrations, figures, and tables are placed in the appropriate places in the text, rather than at the end. Above are the names of the illustrations, figures, and tables, and below is the source of the resource.
  10. In the email specify the section to which to send the article.


2. Article submission


Given the journal’s use of the double-blind review process, authors must prepare their manuscripts anonymously.

The author must send two files to       With the Subject: Last name main author - Journal section Dossier, General, Review

1. Author and article data

First file only: A page with information about the author. (Download Template: Author and Article Information)

2. Anonymous version of the article

The second file only article content: title, abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion, and references.

Templates: here

|The second file will be sent to peer reviewers, so the author's name should not appear|