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The character of the article presented must be original, unpublished, all articles will be reviewed using CrossRef's Similarity Check software, to avoid academic plagiarism.

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Theoretical article

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Research article/case study

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Given the journal’s use of the double-blind review process, authors must prepare their manuscripts anonymously.

The author must send two files to |
1. Author and article data

First file only: A page with information about the author. (Download Template: Author Form)

2. Anonymous version of the article

The second file only article content: title, abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion, references.

|The second file will be sent to peer reviewers, so the author's name should not appear|




RESISTANCES JOURNAL is a Gold Open Access journal that allows free access to all our documents immediately.

The journal does not charge a value for sending or publishing articles.

CICSHAL-RELIGACIÓN, Center for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities of Latin America, finances the work of Resistances Journal, as a private institution.

However, if the author or authors can collaborate with the journal, we appreciate their selfless gesture, because our journal does not receive public or private funding, your contribution, whatever it may be, helps to cover the expenses of the editorial process (editing, design, anti-plagiarism software, DOI, software licenses such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)



Authors who submit works to this journal accept the following conditions:

- Authors are responsible for verifying that the content of the manuscript is their own original and for properly citing all statements, ideas, and results from other sources (see Instructions to Authors). The author submitting an article to the journal must guarantee that he/she is authorized by his/her co-authors to make the submission, that the authors have the authorization to publish the images and photographs included in the article, and that the article is original, has not been previously published, and its publication in the journal does not infringe copyright.
- Authors may enter into other independent and additional contractual agreements for the distribution of the article published in Resistances (for example, to include it in an institutional repository or to publish it in a book) if they clearly indicate that the work was published for the first time in the journal Resistencias. In case of reproduction, a note like the following should be included This text was originally published in Resistances. Journal of Philosophy of History. N ° -, section -----, number of pages, year of publication.
The Editorial Board reserves the ultimate right to decide the publication of the articles, as well as the number and section in which they will appear. The journal reserves the right to make minor style corrections.

- The authors retain the copyright and grant the journal the right of first publication, the work being registered under the attribution of the Creative Commons work license, which allows third parties the commercial or non-commercial redistribution of what is published as long as the work circulates intact and unchanged.

- All articles must comply with the ethical guidelines for publications found at