Call For Papers: Dossier | Authoritarianism, neoliberalism, and resistance
Call For Papers Dossier: Authoritarianism, neoliberalism, and resistance



At the global and regional level, we have recently witnessed the emergence of important social struggles and protests against authoritarianism, neoliberalism, and state terrorism. Countries such as Ecuador, Chile, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia have illustrated — mainly in recent years — these resistance movements in Latin America, where social inequalities as an effect of neoliberal policies are intensifying.

This dossier aims to call on authors who, through their work and reflections, will show the transversality of the protest movement and the resistances against neoliberalism as an integral project (economic, political, and cultural) that seeks to perpetuate the dominance of the capitalist project (patriarchal-colonial-modern). In this sense, the ultimate objective of this thematic presentation is oriented to the possibility of understanding the meanings, the reaches, and the effects that the multiple experiences of resistance against authoritarianism and neoliberalism entail.

In addition to the philosophical approach to this issue, we are interested in giving rise to the variety of perspectives, approaches, and methodological strategies that such a complex and lush subject matter makes possible and merits. In this sense, we understand that the nine thematic axes that we propose allow the approach of debates, discussions and classic problems in the field of philosophy, and of the human and social sciences in general; as well as they also motorize new questions around the advance of discourses and authoritarian practices in the framework of the late neoliberalism.

For all these reasons, in this issue of Resistances Journal we will receive contributions that will allow us to advance in the characterization of this scenario, its tensions, and possibilities; from the treatment of the question that can be focused on the following axes:

  1. Neoliberalism, gender violence, and feminist struggles
  2. Neoliberalism, (neo) extractivism and indigenous people
  3. Social ties, subjectivities, neoliberal rationality, and political community
  4. Neoliberal capitalism and structural racism
  5. Neoliberalism and neoconservatism: (neo)fascism and authoritarianism at the global and regional level
  6. Crisis of the welfare model, inequalities and distributive public policies
  7. Meritocracy, Inequality, and Resistance
  8. Feminist genealogies and geo-situated resistances
  9. Neoliberalism, the environment, and ecocide

Unpublished articles that are the result of theoretical or practical research will be received. Proposals can be submitted in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.



  • Fabiana Parra (IDIHCS-CONICET-UNLP - Argentina)
  • Suyai García Gualda (IPEHCS-CONICET-UNCo - Argentina)



Type of contributions:

  • Theoretical and practical articles


  • Closing date: October 15, 2020
  • Publication: December 15, 2020

Instructions for authors: