Peer Review

Research articles will undergo a double-blind, peer review. This also applies to manuscripts submitted as part of a special issue and all articles.

The decision of the reviewers will be acknowledged by the RESISTANCES' Editors in accordance with eligibility for publication. The authors will be informed of the review decision and all relevant comments will be forwarded to the authors.

Editorial Committee

All articles are reviewed by the Editorial Committee, which verifies due compliance with the criteria requested in the Instructions for Authors and decides if the subject of the article is relevant to the journal. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will result in a request for modification of the article or its rejection.

Peer reviewers

After being reviewed by the Editorial Committee, articles are submitted for double-blind peer review. The reviewers are active researchers, not affiliated to the institution, who will evaluate the scientific and academic quality of the manuscripts. Reviewers may advise whether the articles should be accepted, considered acceptable with revisions, or rejected. If the article requires revising, authors must make the adjustments suggested by the peers within the following 7 calendar days.

Editor’s decision

The editor considers the Editorial Committee’s recommendations and the reviewers’ opinion before deciding whether an article should be published or rejected.

Response to authors

RESISTANCES will notify the authors about the editorial committee’s decision to accept or reject the article for peer review within a term of 30 calendar days.

RESISTANCES will notify the authors about the peers’ decision (acceptance or rejection) within a term of 60 calendar days.