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RESISTANCES. Journal of the Philosophy of History (ISSN 2737-6222) is edited by CICSHAL RELIGACION Center of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities from Latin America, a  CLACSO center associated.

It's a peer-reviewed journal that publishes 2 issues per year. Founded in 2020, it appears as a journal of the philosophy of history, inspired by the life of an Ecuadorian indigenous woman, Dolores Cacuango, her teachings, and struggle processes allowed great advances in the achievement of rights for farmworkers, her popular wisdom is an example of the thought that transforms. Her phrase: "We are like the straw of paramo that starts and grows again... and like the straw of paramo we will sow the world", encourages our intention to contribute to the academy with a critical journal which covers the knowledge from different perspectives, which contributes to a historical review and with a renewed vision of the images of the world [+info]



RUNAS allows free access to all documents presented in this electronic Journal. All articles will comply with the Creative Commons standards to which the journal is subscribed under the following terms. [+info]


RESISTANCES is a publication that receives support from RELIGACIÓN-Center for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities from Latin America CICSH-AL. Additionally, we receive donations from authors or readers that allow us to maintain open access to all editorial production, for this purpose we have assigned a PayPal account. We thank those who allow us to maintain this editorial project.



RESISTANCES, publish 2 issues per year (July and December).

Accepted languages for publication: Spanish, English or Portuguese


Research articles will undergo a double-blind, peer review. This also applies to manuscripts submitted as part of a special issue and all articles.

The decision of the reviewers will be acknowledged by the Editors in accordance with eligibility for publication. The authors will be informed of the review decision and all relevant comments will be forwarded to the authors. [+info]